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Tashi Diptych, acrylic on canvas, 80"x52"
These works reflect my love of paint as dripping, pouring, flowing, bleeding, or brushed color. Though the look and the medium are different, I utilize gravity to get the paint on the surface of my canvas in the tradition of Morris Louis, De Kooning, and Pollock. The colors are luminous, sometimes overlapping and transparent. There are also iridescent areas which change with the light where the painting is hanging and which contrast with matte areas of color.

11 years ago, having a strong need to change the direction of my work, I went to Tibet, Nepal, and the Himalayas. I have returned to Nepal many times, to Tibet and to other places in China so that going to Asia is now part of the painting process. Of course, the wonderful possibilities of supporting this experience at exhibitions in New York is extremely important.

In traditional Asian painting, there is a balance between aesthetic beauty and symbolic meaning. My work is abstract with an emphasis on color, but it is based on specific visual experiences and balances my background in western painting with those visual experiences and some of their symbolism.

I have a job in textiles with a company that has a factory in China. We also have suppliers and contractors there. This daily connection with modern China combined with my own research in historical China and Tibet, supports my fusion image of East/West, ancient and modern, color abstraction and reference.

I have been working on three groups of works. The Ming Paintings are based based on my visits to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Confucian monuments in Qufu in Shandong Province with their high red walls. The Prayer Flag or Lung-Ta paintings have their source in the prayer flags of Nepal, Tibet, and China, and the Tashi Paintings come out of my visits to many Tibetan rug workshops in Tibet and Nepal and especially my acquaintance with a wonderful rugmaker in Kathmandu, Tashi Rapten.

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